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Since the 1980's Steve has played many roles within the entertainment business. His ability to diversify has seen him write regular entertainment magazine columns and appear in many commercials in America. Since the 80's he has conducted an array of interviews, some in rather unusual locations, including a 'Live Aid' interview with Phil Collins on Concorde; Steve being the only presenter to appear on the UK and US live broadcasts.

The early 80's saw Steve play a pivotal role in the careers of Frankie Goes to Hollywood and A Flock of Seagulls, appear regularly on BBC shows "Riverside" and "Breakfast Time", and by the late 80's he was an 'Ace Award' winning host of MTV's "London Calling" in America.

From hosting TV and radio shows to managing PR for musicians in the UK and US, Steve has much experience and advice to share. Today, as well as conducting interviews for ME1 TV, hosting networking events and managing bands, he also teaches media and TV skills.


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