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Peter Cook leads Human Dynamics and The Academy of Rock, a creativity and innovation management consultancy. Business and Organisation Development, Training and Coaching plus Keynotes which blend leading ideas on business with the power of music, be it rock, jazz or classical. Peter delivers conference keynotes and masterclasses to some of the world’s top businesses.

Author of 8 books, including "Sex, Leadership and Rock’n’Roll" and "The Music of Business", acclaimed by Professor Charles Handy, Harvey Goldsmith and Tom Peters. Peter appears on BBC TV / Radio, Bloomberg TV, The FT, Independent et al. He has an award for his work from Sir Richard Branson and writes for

Peter has followed three concurrent passions over 30 years: science; business and music. He holds an MBA, is a Chartered Chemist, Chartered Marketer, FCIPD and an NLP master practitioner.

He is also an accomplished rock, pop and jazz musician, having performed alongside Bernie Tormé, John Otway, Wilko Johnson, The Fall and Patti Russo, Meatloaf’s long term singing partner and performer with Queen and Cher. He helped Bill Nelson, leader of pop art band Be-Bop Deluxe, to sell out an ITV Legend’s concert. He also sponsored ‘The Real Spinal Tap Tour’ - an entrepreneurial adventure to go on a record breaking rock’n’roll world tour – It was an unmitigated disaster, but the story of this comedy of errors has powerful lessons for entrepreneurs and leaders.

Peter's talks can be accompanied by a roster of class A rock stars and session musicians.




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